Person with a nail gun working on a roof
September 27, 2020
Roofing construction takeoffs made easy
With constant improvements in technology the art of completing a roof takeoff is getting easier by the day. With products like Square Takeoff, you can load in a roofing plan and complete a roof takeoff using the pitch/slope of the roof and calculate total SqFt in a 1/3 of the time with a high level […]
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We want your feedback
September 27, 2020
Provide Your Takeoff Suggestions and Feedback
Since the launch of Square Takeoff, we have always took pride in the fact that we always enjoy listening to our customers on what new features they would like to see in the product. Is there a tool or method that Square Takeoff could add that would make your next takeoff or estimate even easier? […]
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Home building plans
September 27, 2020
how to upload a digital construction blueprint
To upload your digital files simply browse to your files or drag and drop the items onto the page. You can upload many digital file formats such as PDF, Jpeg, PNG and many more. When done select the Continue Button. Once your files are uploaded you will be able to start your takeoff. To see the status of the files uploaded, simply […]
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Graph arrow slanting downward
September 27, 2020
Cloud-Based Takeoff Software Takes Over Desktop
Over 20 years ago the construction industry became more efficient thanks to the introduction of computerized technology. In its early days, this new computer technology was very expensive which made it difficult for the average construction professional to access. Through the years more and more companies emerged with new tech that was faster than its […]
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What is construction online takeoff software
September 25, 2020
What is construction online-takeoff software
Completing a construction takeoff is not a new thing. Since before Roman time’s people have been calculating by hand a total area of a space or how long of distance they need so they can calculate how much material to build their structure. There have been many tools to calculate these items and all have […]
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Square Takeoff Referral Partner Program
September 25, 2020
Construction software-referral partner program
Here at Square Takeoff we understand that nobody can share the value of our product better than our customers. We understand the importance of the referrals our customers send us and because of that we would like to provide you with a thank you for sharing our product.For every client that is referred to us and […]
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Two workers at a construction site viewing a laptop comuter
September 25, 2020
How to start a new project
To get started, simply select the Create New Project Button within the Bid Management section of Square Takeoff.Once selected a menu will appear.Within this menu you can enter and select multiple valuesSuch as the Company that the takeoff will be completed for. This can either be your company or a company you may be completing […]
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Bid Management, Mobile Access to All Projects, Due Date Notifications, Easy-to-use, Improved Project Collaboration
September 25, 2020
Construction bid management system
Looking for a way to improve how you track your project bids? If so, Square Takeoff’s Bid Management System (BMS) could be the tool you have been looking for. With BMS you can log in your project information, such as project location, project contact, project bid value and overall project value, along with also uploading […]
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