How to Save Time and Money Construction Takeoffs

Construction estimating has come a long way since the days of onsite estimating and desktop takeoff. The new tech is now facilitating the growth of construction companies, accelerating estimation, streamlining bid management, and enabling you to bid more projects, while saving precious time and money.

In the prevailing age of cloud-based digital takeoff, your willingness to adopt new technology and getting adept to it is the key for reaching the next level as a construction business. Rather than the number of heads in your staff, it is your choice of software and the ability to use the tools to your advantage that matters.

Let’s see how cloud-based software helps you complete takeoffs in the most economic manner and with better time efficiency:

Eliminate the cost/time of printing the blueprint and subsequent calculations – Conventional takeoff requires you to use a paper blueprint. Going digital eliminates the cost associated with printing and handling of paper. You can do complex calculations such as roof/wall area in seconds. Calculation of square footage, linear footage, and item counts just needs a point-and-click with your mouse, finger or stylus.

Support to a host of digital formats – Cutting edge software enables you to work with an array of digital formats, including the most popular ones like PDF, JPEG, TIFF and BMP.

Easy uploading of files – To upload your digital files, you just have to browse to your files or drag and drop these items onto the page.

Simple scaling – Once you load your digital blueprint into the cloud and it appears on the screen, you need to set the scale of the plan. Select a dimension line or determine measurement and feed it into the software. You’re now scaled and ready for the takeoff.

Cloud-generated advantage – The cloud has taken collaboration to a completely different level. You can easily calculate basic area, linear and counts for any type of project and share it with other members/professionals in your company. Any of your professionals can drive to any site with a mobile device, make adjustments of any kind and share the changes instantly with other people involved. Team members located in different parts of the world can work in tandem with ease, bringing down the takeoff time considerably.

Support to multiple platforms – Modern technology allows you to work from Windows, Apple iOS, Android or any platform.

Identify takeoffs with ease – You can identify takeoffs easily using notes and colors.

Maintain clinical accuracy – Scale tool helps maintain clinical accuracy without requiring old-fashioned rulers.

Google Maps advantage – Google Maps integration enables you to enter any address and make the Maps display the physical location. Otherwise, you can zoom in to display the location you want and select it. You can then scale the location and takeoff.

Handle all sorts of construction trades – Such a platform is a one-stop place to handle all sorts of construction trades including general contracting, framing, roofing, concrete, asphalt, masonry, drywall, insulation, electrical, plumbing, siding, door/window, painting, flooring, and more.

It’s time you take a big step forward into a new, technology-driven future. Realize the potential of cloud-based takeoff software such as Square Takeoff.

Start creating accurate construction takeoffs and estimates today