Construction in the cloud

It is amazing how much information is transacted during a typical day on a construction site. Whether it is info being passed from site to home office, from site to site, site to owner, it is an enormous amount of data interchange. Blue pint updates. Invoices. Sub-contractor delays. Time changes to material deliveries. Payroll. And then multiply that by the number of active construction projects.
All this information has to be stored and transmitted somehow and somewhere. Flash drives? Personal servers and backup services?

What about the Cloud?

The cloud is software and services that run on the Internet and not on a local computer. It’s not running up in the blue sky just beneath anything mystical, it has a home here on earth with a network of servers stored in multiple locations each having different functions. This network finds what you need and delivers it or stores it.

Remember how quickly something changes on the job site? The property owner called in with a last minute change to a floor plan. A bunk of lumber is now going to deliver Friday instead of Monday. Not sure which elevation was the final pick for the customer? The Cloud provides simple access and flexibility to a fast information exchange getting the whole team on the same page. Answers get found quickly; no need for a secondary set of files. It can provide collaboration between well, pretty much anything. Invoicing and payroll have be documented for each job site and then it has to be sent to home office. The Cloud removes the re-keying of things. HR can access that data right off the cloud. No need to submit those types documents every Friday afternoon.

So why not dig in and look at what solutions are out there that could help your business improve collaboration on your next project. From cloud based bid management and estimating solutions like Square Takeoff that helps ensure everyone from the office to the field knows what was estimated and what documents they need to view for the project, there are solutions for every task you need.

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