Does technology help close the performance gap

The skilled labor shortage is a well-documented epidemic. As baby boomers continue to reach retirement age and the younger generations enter the workforce in stronger numbers, companies must take steps to understand how best to recruit and retain these workers — and technology can help with that.

The proliferation of construction technology not only will increase productivity, but also will positively affect the labor market when it is used effectively as a recruitment tool.

Adopting technologies to increase productivity can go hand-in-hand with helping to alleviate the effects of the labor shortage. Some construction management and general construction firm, use technology to streamline their processes by starting with tools, like cloud solutions, early in the process. That process helps team members maintain transparency in their communications throughout the project.

Technology’s ability to help close the performance gap by building smarter. Extracting data through venues like LiDAR, photogrammetry, online takeoff™ software and data sensing and visualization can help with quality control, safety tracking, site analysis, labor and material estimating and more.

Machines also are starting to do what was once uniquely human work, freeing up available people to work on other tasks. Recently Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania company recently developed a robot that can tie rebar on their many bridges, thereby cutting labor hours in half and reducing worker safety risk. Another company recently started testing an autonomous track loader that can excavate holes for building foundations 24 hours per day.

Technology, when properly implemented, can provide massive positive advancements in today’s construction industry as we can see. However, it is just a matter of how a company decides to use it.

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