5 Perks of Using Cloud-Based Takeoff Software

The takeoff world has been undergoing a steady change, thanks to evolving technology. Components like cloud-prompted connectivity, digital blueprints and social media apps have made businesses more digitally driven. The cloud in particular has changed the way construction companies have worked forever.

Cloud-based takeoff is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) involving a remotely located server that you access online. You may be able to use the software on your smartphone, laptop or desktop, but the operational capability is on the remote system. As in SaaS, you pay for what you use.

Let’s see the 5 biggest advantages of using cloud-based takeoff software for construction companies:

Instant Access to Facts & Figures

Cloud software is generally platform agnostic, meaning that you can use it on virtually any computer or mobile device from any number of locations. All-pervasive connectivity has eliminated restrictions regarding access to data. This feature of software is quite helpful when you’re on a job site and want to take another look at the building plans or check the numbers from your bid. For instance, rather than calling in or driving to your office for checking the information, you can just take out your smartphone and check the difference between the previous structure(s) versus current, and make changes while in the field.

Slashing of IT Budget

Opting for cloud-based takeoff software can bring your IT budget seriously down. You no longer have to sink all of your money into high-end laptops fit to survive a job site. Instead, you can buy the same number of tablets and arrange that they work just a few minutes out of their case. Any time, SaaS service costs less than the permanent software installed right there in local machine. As SaaS providers automatically update the software for all users across the board, you don’t have to take any extra steps to be sure you’re working with the most up to date version.

Going Green

In a cloud set-up, real usage of power happens at the data center where the server and software are stored. This means lesser machines at your site (printers and other peripheral device included). Moreover, you can work out most issues without having to travel away from your office, home, or job site. Whether it’s about specs on the construction, or any specifics regarding the takeoff, you just have to pull out your smartphone or tablet and get going.

Propels Fast Growth

If your company is growing rapidly, conventional software can cause some serious troubles. For instance, if you expect your company to grow from 20 to 200, you may have to purchase as many new laptops, have the software installed and make sure it’s secured.

When using cloud-based takeoff software, you don’t have to purchase any machine most of the times as people may already have some device of their own. You just have to impart them some kind of training regarding the cloud takeoff software you’re using. Later, if you recruit more people, you just have to upgrade your software plan.

Streamlined Collaboration

Cloud-based takeoff software gives you more options when it comes to assigning tasks and deadlines to team members. You can communicate real-time with team members present at different physical locations. If you’ve queries about a particular part of a plan, simply highlight that section and leave a note rather than calling half a dozen people and zooming off to a string of job sites.

Summing Up

Any software based on cloud technology has numerous advantages. If you’re still unsure, just sign up for free trail of Square Takeoff and find out how it can make life easier for you.

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