What is construction online-takeoff software

Completing a construction takeoff is not a new thing. Since before Roman time’s people have been calculating by hand a total area of a space or how long of distance they need so they can calculate how much material to build their structure. There have been many tools to calculate these items and all have been successful in the task, but thanks to technology, the latest and greatest tool to complete this process has, like past methods, once again helped to improve on the speed and accuracy it takes to complete a construction takeoff.

Just like the past, completing a construction takeoff requires you to use a blueprint but thanks to being digital you do not have to worry about all the cost associated with printing, and handling of paper. Most of today’s takeoff software allows you to work with many digital formats, such as, PDF, JPEG, TIFF and BMP files to name a few. Once you load your digital blueprint into the online takeoff™ software, you will need to set the scale of the plan. You just select a dimension line or know measurement and enter it into the software with a few simply clicks you are scaled and ready to do your online takeoff.

Some of the other benefits that come with taking advantage of today’s software it being able to stop at any point throughout your takeoff and pick up right where you left off. We all know that this has happened, you get very involved with your takeoff and suddenly the phone rings and you have to step away for a moment. Well in the past, you would have had to come back to your paper plan and yellow notepad and have to try to remember where you left off. Well not now, just remember if it is colored, it is measured. No more headache.

Another great benefit is simply being able to share you takeoff with others that might not be in your office. How many times in the past, when doing a takeoff by hand, would you need to share what was taken off with someone that was at the jobsite and not in the office? Normally this would cause you to have to pack up your plans and your trusty yellow notepads and head out to the jobsite. Not anymore, you can now instantly share the job to someone and they can view it from their laptop or mobile device in the field. This helps save on the gas you would have used to get there, but above all, it saves on time, and as we all know time is money.

If you have not tried one of today’s leading solutions for completing takeoffs, don’t worry it is not too late. There are many out there on the market today and each one has many different features to help you save that time and money on your next project. Some of those products such as Square Takeoff™, even offer a 14-day free trial. Square Takeoff also works on a Mac computer and any mobile device and offers along with its cutting edge web based online takeoff solution an easy to use bid management and project share solution, improving project collaboration between all phases of construction.

So what is there to lose other than the headache of paper? Why not give it a try and visit www.squaretakeoff.comsignup/ today.

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