Why Square is the Top Online Takeoff Software

Construction takeoff software is immensely helpful for achieving bid prices based on resource and labor costs, historical cost evaluations, cost reporting, other overhead, and the ability to manually adjust the bid price (along with a host of other features).

Cloud-based software, such as Square Takeoff, eliminates any need for a standalone product. Square Takeoff can be accessed at will from any Internet-enabled device.

Let’s see what makes Square Takeoff the easiest construction online takeoff™ software on the market:

 Simple Navigation

Ease of navigation allows users to complete takeoffs and bids quickly and with great accuracy. The navigation has been designed for the mindset and requirements of estimators. You are able to explore the tools available and move around with ease. Major menu items that are present, on the left, are Bid Management, Estimating, Reports, and User Management.

Bid Management: manage your multiple bids and takeoff process

Estimating: determine an estimate

Reports: filter reports of all types

User Management: manage various users within the company

Elimination of the Cost of Printing the Blueprint

A conventional takeoff requires the use of a blueprint. Before the construction even begins, blueprints are printed many times over and over by architects, project managers, engineers, contractors and building owners. An average reprographics shop generally gets about 35 to80 print requests a day for construction projects. For each request, the shop may print 1 to 300 blueprints, depending on the size of the project.

Going digital removes any need of printing. Construction companies are able to save costs associated with the printing and handling of paper.

Ultra Quick Calculations

Once a digital blueprint is uploaded, the mathematical calculations become as easy as just a few mouse clicks. With these quick clicks, you can do calculation of square footage, linear footage, and item counts.

 Google Maps Integration

Enter any address and Google Maps will display the digital map. Zoom in to display a specific location and then select it. The selected location is already scaled by the satellite, so there is no need to handle it manually.

Support to Several Digital Format

Square Takeoff enables you to work with a large variety of digital formats. This include popular ones like PDF, BMP, JPEG, and TIFF.

 Simple Uploading

With Square Takeoff, you can upload your files using one of two methods. You can browse to find the file(s) and then upload them, or simply drag and drop files onto the screen.


You may need to scale your digital blueprint once it has been uploaded. You can determine measurement on the basis of imperial or metric system.

Cloud-triggered Advantages

The cloud allows you to access the software from anywhere, at any place. For instance, while inspecting your job site, you can have a peek into your data and do an immediate calculation. You can calculate stuff like area, linear, and counts for all sorts of projects.

 Sharing of Bids/Data

The software enables you to share bids you are working on with other members of your team. You can also export data in HTML/Excel format.

 Identification of Takeoffs

Notes and colors facilitate for easy identification of takeoffs.

Start creating accurate construction takeoffs and estimates today