Cloud-Based Takeoff Software Takes Over Desktop

Over 20 years ago the construction industry became more efficient thanks to the introduction of computerized technology. In its early days, this new computer technology was very expensive which made it difficult for the average construction professional to access. Through the years more and more companies emerged with new tech that was faster than its previous counterpart and thanks to that continued growth, the price also became more affordable. Suddenly, everyone could use their digitizer board and computer to complete a takeoff and estimate quicker than doing it by hand. Next came the launch of digital takeoff solutions that no longer required you to have to print your plans and therefore allowing a tremendous cost savings that helped every contractor’s bottom line. These products offered a familiar feel that was easy to process and helped ensure a level of accuracy far better than methods of the past. Digital takeoff solutions could allow users to easily calculate basic area, linear and counts for any type of project, residential or commercial. Only one drawback was still evident; there was no easy way to share completed projects to help improve collaboration amongst team members. Desktop takeoff and estimating software was the best you could get at the time to complete a job.

It wasn’t until late 2014, with the release of technology such as HTML5, did the industry start to realize that the next step in the evolution of takeoff and estimating was about to happen. Suddenly, online takeoff™ and estimating solutions could now be built with cloud technology. This would usher such a change that by simply sharing a project, would improve and change the model of how a company did business. No longer being trapped by a desktop only solution, companies started to collaborate at a level never thought of before. From being able to walk a site with a mobile device and adjust and make changes that are instantly shared with all parties involved, to simply being able to access your job from anywhere in the world. Never again being confined to one operating system, thanks to modern technology you can work from Windows, Apple iOS, Android or any platform where you can access the web. Since this change, companies such as Square Takeoff™ have chosen to leave the world of desktop technology behind and have successfully launched into what the future has in store through the use of the cloud. So why not step away from the past and take a new step forward into a future with a level of potential that is only starting to be realized.

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