Plumbing construction in square takeoff

As a plumbing subcontractor, you are constantly on the lookout for ways to bring down your response time and while securing accurate takeoffs.

Square Takeoff is a cloud-based software that enables you to upload digital blueprints and complete an online takeoff considerably faster.

Square Takeoff offers full technical support and training and can help save on resources.

Here’s how Square Takeoff helps you:

Custom Assemblies

Square’s Takeoff Assemblies will allow you to complete a takeoff measurement and estimate your material and labor costs in one step. The software enables you to combine multiple items pre-built into an assembly. Moreover, you can easily create assemblies on the fly during takeoff which aids in keeping count of every bolt and screw.

Professional Proposal

The software will create an accurate bid that is organized and professional.


You can use the takeoff, regardless of the construction trade you are in, to do the heavy lifting. Begin the takeoff straight from your digital blueprint! The software takes out the requirement of creating a printout of the blueprint every time you want  and need to do a takeoff.

Bid Analysis

Built-in reporting enables you review and modify the contract, keeping it in line with your specific requirements. You can analyze productive and non-productive labor,  job expense, view profit, and compare overhead categories totals. The software has an array of reporting tools that you can use to construct your bid efficiently.

Integration of Google Maps

Square Takeoff facilitates the integration of Google Maps, removing the need to upload blueprints. When Google Map is displayed on the screen, you may either zoom in or simply enter an address. You can now locate the area and use the export button to save it.

Quick Navigational Filters

Filters used on the calendar drop-downs, enables you to focus on relevant bids. For instance, if you are working on a range of bids in tandem, but you want to just see bid ABC at any given time, you just need to select the specific company on the drop-down and make all irrelevant bids disappear.

Similarly, the user drop-down menu comes in handy if you have several estimators on your staff. All you have to do is select a user name on the drop-down and view all the bids related to that particular estimator.


The software allows you to view data in list form, see the projects shared by others, feed in data regarding bid management and/or make other necessary changes. From a single screen you are able to manage data and bidding at the same time.

Summing Up

State-of-the-art software like Square Takeoff, makes takeoff for plumbing subcontractors really simple. It not only helps you save valuable time but can also boost your success rate.

Plumbing Construction Cloud Takeoff Software

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