Importance of industry trade shows

Whether you’re an architect, a project manager, or a general contractor, business-to-business trade shows and conferences are one of the best resources available to you. With events all year round and in cities across the U.S. there are any number of shows suitable to your business and needs.

Exhibitors incur a great expense because there is great value in getting in front of their customers. However, there is also a great value in a being an attendee. Trade shows are the main stage where suppliers and customers come together to discuss the future of your business. They are among the best resources for discovering, sourcing, and comparing new products and services, and have become a key element in the purchasing process.

As an attendee, You are the reason exhibitors are there. With sometimes hundreds of companies exhibiting and vying for your attention, you control how you navigate your way through the myriad of products and services. Trade shows can also help develop greater confidence in your purchasing power.  Specifications can sometimes be a challenge, trade shows offer the opportunity to test drive many of the products and services that you need for your business so that you become more comfortable with investments. They also include seminars, panels, and workshops in their calendar of events. These are great tools for really honing in on a specific topics or services that are relevant and may lead you to new ways of thinking about your business.

As with any business, relationships are an important factor to building and growing and there is no better platform for networking than a trade show. You can rub elbows with suppliers to learn about what’s hot and what’s not, see what your competition is up to, become acquainted with new companies that can offer something you didn’t know you needed, meet colleagues and/or potential new customers, and just connect personally with others in your industry.

Lastly, trade shows can be a lot of fun. There will be a lot of energy buzzing around you as well as chances to cut loose and mingle with business associates. As you end your day walking the exhibition floor, you can look forward to attending dinner parties and use that time to strike up long and meaningful conversations without the hustle and the bustle of the show itself.

What I’ve covered so far is just the tip of the trade show iceberg. Much of your success will come with experience as an attendee as you become more familiar with the benefits of trade shows and how they apply to you. Of course you must consider the cost and time of attending these shows (ie: time away from the office, airfare, accommodations, food, and registration fees), but my goal here isn’t to discourage you but rather to share with you why attending these shows is worth your time and effort!

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