How to start a new project with square takeoff

Square Takeoff is the leading software solution when it comes to bid management. A state-of-the-art SAAS (software-as-a-service) solution, it enables you complete takeoffs in mere seconds. You can easily estimate project material, save valuable time and money, and access project information on any device.

Here’s how to start a new project with the software:

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Creating a New Project

Within the bid management section of the application, simply select the ‘Create a new project’ button. Once selected, a menu will show up. Within this menu, you can enter and select multiple values such as the company name. This will be the company that you want to complete the takeoff for. This may be your own company or any other. In case you need to add a new company, simply select the System Tables and then Company Master. You will be able to add as many additional companies to your system as you need.

Next step will be to select the user that will be completing the project. This will be under the owners’ field. You can now enter the project name you would like to use for this project.

Rating a Project

Square Takeoff allows you to rate a project based on its importance. It may be a project that you tend to win the most bids on, simply enjoy doing or a project requiring some kind of priority. Once you have set project rating, you can move on to select the status of the project. By default the status comes in as Neill. Using the drop-down you can approve the status like initial review, estimating pricing and so on.

Setting Project Dates

Bid due date: This’s the date that your bid is actually due well.

Project start date: This’s the date you’re starting the project on.

Putting in Contact Info

In Contact Information tab, you can enter the contact name for a project. You can feed in the relevant phone number, email address and country name. Under Project Details, you can select the unit of measure that will be used for the take-off as well as the color that this project will appear on the calendar. You can also put in the estimated total project value, the estimated bid value and the currency in which these values represent.

Working on Project Notes

Under Project Notes, you can enter any relevant notes relating to the overall project and click ‘Save’. The project is now visible on Calendar.

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