Easier floor and roof rafter estimates

In construction, some of the most difficult estimates can be the calculation of floor joists and roof rafters. For many construction professionals this takes them the longest when trying to quote the framing material for a job and can result in some of the largest errors or miscalculations. Thanks to technology like Square Takeoff, this process is 10x easier and faster. With the release of tools such as the joist and rafter tool, doing a full takeoff and estimate of even the most complex floors or roofs, is a snap. Never again do you have to second-guess your estimate. With every use of the tool, a layout is produced showing you the proper length and location of the material. With this layout a framer will be able to make sure every piece of lumber is used correctly, therefore helping to eliminate waste and installation errors.

Since the release of these estimating tools, so many of our current clients are seeing a positive increase in speed and a massive decrease in estimate errors since first using the software. If you estimate these products and are looking for a quicker and easier way to do your next floor or roof rafter estimate, then sign-up for a free trial today and one of our reps will be happy to show you how the joist and rafter tool can positively impact your next estimate.

Roof Rafter Layout Example:

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