How Tech Helps Construction Takeoff Processes

Before submitting a bid, professional estimators need to complete take-offs. This is the act of determining the costs involved in procuring the material and hiring labor for a particular job. A proper construction takeoff process ensures an accurate estimation of all of the costs, enabling you to file a bid that will most likely get the you the project.

Square Takeoff is cloud-based software that facilitates the automation of the construction blueprint takeoff process. This tool enables estimators to upload a blueprint or focus on a desired area using Google Maps. With Square Takeoff, you have the tools to scale the area and apply mathematical functions to determine an accurate estimate.

Once you log in,  you will find several navigational sections such as Bid Management, Estimating, and more.

Bid Management

On the display area, you will find any bid showing up on  any respective date. When you select a any on of the bids, Takeoff button appears on the screen.

‘Company’ and ‘User’ drop-downs at the top of the screen serve as quick navigational filters. You can click ‘Company’ drop-down to focus on company-specific bids. For instance, if you want to view only bids related to company ABC, select ABC on the Company drop-down.

‘User’ drop-down comes handy if you have multiple estimators within your company.  This function helps you filter bids depending on the estimators who calculated them.

You can view the data in List form and can also view the projects shared by other people.

The Takeoff

Once you select a bid, the System highlights, in light green  format, the ‘Start Takeoff’ button. Click on the button to upload your blueprint that appears on the takeoff screen. The screen navigation involves three icons – Area, Linear, and Count. Depending on the kind of measurement you want to activate, you can click on any of these. For example, if you want to find the perimeter of the entire floor, go for the Linear tool. Count door is useful if you want to determine the number of doors in the property.

You need to scale the page (implying imperial or metric measurements) before using any of these buttons. Choosing a manual scale is also an option. The system facilitates creation of straight lines, enabling you to perform position takeoffs.

Google Maps Integration

The ability of Google Maps Integration takes the takeoff efficiency to another level. The system allows you enter any address and execute a takeoff right. This tool is particularly useful if you are working with asphalt/concrete.

Upon entering an address, a satellite image of the location appears. You can move the map and focus on the area you really want to work on. The image is already scaled by the satellites. You can even export the image, making it drop on Pages panel.


The tool is segregated into four sub-sections – Templates, Template User Groups, Parts Catalog, and Global Part Properties – which provide you with the ability to customize the software to be in line with your exact requirements.

The ideal approach is to begin by creating a Template User Groups for each trade you estimate. For instance, you may organize sub-contractors in grouping templates as builder and general contractor. Global Part Properties enables you make custom part and property groups such as cost per hour. You can associate various functions with part and property groups.

The system allows you to export a document in HTML or Excel.

A cutting edge software solution, Square Takeoff makes your construction takeoff and estimation ultra-efficient; a string of advantages that include multiple measurements and calculations, quick project startup, visual audit trail, affordability, scalability, and more. Users are well supported by a team of folks who will provide you answers to all the questions you may have.

Start creating accurate construction takeoffs and estimates today