Construction flooring software

As a flooring subcontractor, it is important for you to submit your bids faster, while ensuring your labor and material quantities are accurate. You need to calculate precisely how many square feet of hardwood, carpet or tile you need for the project. Speed and accuracy are the keys to your success. 

Cloud-based software such as Square Takeoff can turn the whole scenario in your favor. The software allows you to upload digital blueprints and complete an online takeoff™ and estimate at a much faster rate compared to manually do it by hand. Let’s look at some of those benefits and features. 

Custom Flooring Templates 

The software allows you to customize the tools to fit your business model. You can create customized templates for each trade you estimate. Each template can contain job specific assemblies that assist in the calculation of labor, equipment and project material. If you can estimate it by hand, you can definitely do it with Square Takeoff.

Working with Digital Blueprints Has Never Been So Easy

You can upload digital blueprints and begin working right away. The software works with many different formats such as PDF, JPEG, PNG and so much more. Being able to work directly with your digital files, helps eliminate any need of printing the plans, which will save you money on your projects. You can zoom and pan the image, electronically measure total lengths and identify areas, and do counts of needed items. Depending on your preference, you may choose unit of measurement (imperial/metric). Navigation is easy and you can get up and going in just minutes. Once again saving you valuable time and money.

Cross-Platform and Mobile Friendly

An Internet-enabled device is all you need to access the online platform. It does not really matter whether it is a desktop, laptop, tablet, or a smartphone. Open your browser, log in and begin working. It is so simple! 

Summing It Up 

Square Takeoff brings in an array of attributes that make it tailor-made for a flooring subcontractor. Features like custom formulas, trade specific templates, easy-to-use tools, bid management, and more make it a welcome solution for you.

If you have not taken Square Takeoff for a spin, then today is the day to sign-up for a full-unrestricted 14-day trial. Don’t forget to schedule your free demo to see how Square Takeoff can impact your business today.

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