6 Questions to Ask When Choosing Takeoff Software

Zeroing in on the right construction estimating software that fits in your specific needs, is a serious task to do. The fact that your choice may have a profound impact on the bottom-line of your company makes you extra conscious and careful.

Here are six simple questions to ask that will make your job of selection a bit easier: 

  1. How efficiently does the software work when working on a takeoff or an estimate?
    • The software you choose must essentially be able to perform takeoffs in an instant and alter single item costs to present accurate estimates. Look for the ability to merge multiple bids into a single estimate. The program should be able to upload blueprints that can be edited.
  2. Can you use the product along with a project management software?
    • When working on projects, you need to be able to keep track of costs. Subscribing to a project management software, such as BuilderTrend, allows you to keep your expenses as close as possible to the original estimate. Using project management and estimation software will enable you to keep track of the material and labor that was estimated. If any aspect of the project jumps ahead of the original estimate, you will be alerted.  
  3. Is the software accessible on different devices?
    • Any software you are using, should work efficiently on various platforms. Whether your staff is using a desktop, a laptop, or a mobile device, they should be able to access the software they require.  
  4. Does the software act as a repository of sorts?
    • Cutting edge software enables everyone associated with the project to find current changes in real time. They are able to know immediately about the modifications made to a construction plan. The software allows team members to place notes on pages. For instance, if someone feels the door swing will interfere with the opening, they can flag it.  
  5. Is the software easy-to-use yet powerful enough to get the job done?
    • Estimation software should have a clean, visually appealing interface that is easy to use. When it comes to moving around the software, you should be able to do that with minimal assistance. Everything should be self-explanatory. Core tasks such as importing blueprint images, creating scales, and creating cost sheets should be simple to execute. 
  6. Is help readily available?
    • Anyone not accustomed to construction software may find it hard to operate. Just make sure help, such as tutorials, are available. Support via phone or live chat will be quite helpful. If they offer remote seminars or in-person training classes, that is even better. 
If you find an estimating software solution that answers these 6 simple questions, then you may have found the solution that your business needs.

Start creating accurate construction takeoffs and estimates today