Title: Here’s How to Choose the Right Takeoff Solution

When it comes to completing a great construction takeoff and estimate, the first thing you need to look at is the platform you are using. In today’s industry, there are many different solutions out there, from traditional by hand methods to the latest online takeoff™ and estimating software. Not all takeoff software is created equal. From older desktop windows based solutions to the new wave of online and mobile-friendly software, be sure of the solution you select, that decision will provide you with the greatest success.

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Whether you are doing a residential or commercial takeoff, deciding to use a software solution can provide you with the greatest return on your investment and will help you reach your end goal is half the time. In addition, time after time using a piece of technology has continuously proven to help with the elimination of costly human-driven errors.

With a solution, such as Square Takeoff, you will have the opportunity to ensure your measurements are always correct and with its many collaborative features, everyone on the job will stay 100% informed. Here are just a few things our clients have had to say.

“I’ve already won several large bids, thanks to the program! Before SquareTakeoff I was bidding “down and dirty” trying to come up with the perfect number per square foot. Occasionally I would get a job but I would leave money on the table because my numbers were so skewed. Since using SquareTakeoff I can now know exactly my costs and also show my clients that I have included everything in my bid. Now I have peace of mind submitting my bid (no more nail biters!) and I don’t have to worry if I am going to short myself or look ridiculous because I have bid too high. It’s a win-win for me! Thank you SquareTakeoff for the AMAZING job you’re doing! I couldn’t do it without y’all!”

Jennifer Holbrook
New Color Painting LLC

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