Roofing construction takeoffs made easy

With constant improvements in technology the art of completing a roof takeoff is getting easier by the day. With products like Square Takeoff, you can load in a roofing plan and complete a roof takeoff using the pitch/slope of the roof and calculate total SqFt in a 1/3 of the time with a high level of accuracy. With more and more contractors today using aerial images to view an existing roof, technologies such as Square Takeoff use Google Maps to capture the roof and allow their users to complete the takeoff. Some of their clients have even went as far as to purchase drones to fly vertically above the roof to take the images that they then import into the product to complete their work. With so many options today that allow for the needed speed to stay ahead of the competition, contractors are finding themselves taking the step in the right direction resulting in completing bids faster and providing the chance to win more jobs.
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