How construction companies can use technology to respond to paradigm-changes

You cannot remain immune to the paradigm changes around you and yet hope to run ahead of the competition, can you?

As a construction company, you need to respond with readiness to the fast-paced advancements in digital technology, that have seen every component of the industry getting transformed. The key technology-driven shifts in the industry include:

  • More streamlined bid management
  • Accurate cost estimates
  • Integration of Google Maps, drone or satellite imagery
  • Cloud technology facilitating project collaboration

Tiding Over Prevalent Challenges Using Technology

Construction companies face a gamut of unique challenges. Some major ones are as follows:

Fact: Involvement of several subcontractors coming from multiple companies.

Challenge: Streamlining them all to create a cohesive, completed project is an arduous task.

Fact: Inaccuracy of supply and cost estimates.

Challenge: Lack of advanced technical tools and mismanagement leading to cost overruns.

Fact: Difference of products and raw materials in every project.

Challenge: Complex projects carrying more business risk.

You need to peek into the technology window and explore how to overcome these issues with the help of software.

How Technology Brings in Better Opportunities

Technology has become a game-changer when it comes to construction projects. Cloud-based construction take-off and estimate software like Square Takeoff enable you to estimate upcoming projects within minutes, with clinical accuracy, ahead of your competitors, to help you win more bids.

Let’s see how technology has driven industry shifts mentioned above:

Streamlined Bid Management

Software takes your bid management to the next level, miles away from the of desktop-based bid management. It just requires you to enter your project bid information and upload your digital plans. Within a few clicks, you’ll be in position to measure all the areas, linears, and counts you may need for your construction estimate. Be it roof area (Area), total length of an exterior wall (Linear), or the count of windows, doors, or electrical outlets (Count), you can accomplish it all with ease.

Because it works on any desktop or mobile device, this easy-to-use bid management system is meant to be used in any construction trade. Be it roofing, framing, painting, plumbing, masonry, landscaping, concrete, asphalt, electrical, finishes, general contractor, drywall, doors or windows, Square Takeoff enables you to bid with confidence.

What is more, with a simple click, you can transfer your takeoff totals to Excel.

Accurate Cost Estimates

When you get down and dirty while bidding, without considering all the involved aspects (not possible in conventional desktop-based system in time-sensitive construction business), you end up leaving money on the table (while bidding low) or looking ridiculous (in case of exorbitant bids). It’s time-consuming and mentally exhausting when you attempt it manually, and yet, the numbers are skewed.

On the contrary, Square Takeoff enables you to know the exact costs and demonstrate your efficiency and accuracy to your clients.

Integration of Google Maps

Technology facilitates integration of Google maps with Square Takeoff. When you opt for this feature, Google Maps appears on the screen. You can either zoom in or simply enter an address that you want to search. Once you’ve located the item, such as a roof section or a parking lot, you can select the export button to save it and then use the immense calculating power of the software for measuring it in any way you like. For instance, you can measure the total area of the roof in terms of square feet or calculate its perimeter.

Cloud Technology

The cloud ushered in an unprecedented change in the way construction business was done. Now, one can simply drive to a site with a mobile device, make changes and share them instantly with other people who may possibly be working from different parts of the world. Thanks to the cloud, worrying about what software works with what type of operating system is no longer a concern – Windows, Apple iOS, Android. It also eliminated any worry about losing work to computer crash.

Cloud-based Square Takeoff allows you to travel ahead of the desktop age and successfully launch your company in the future.

Summing Up

Software cuts estimating time to a fraction of what it was, thereby making an impact on your bottom line. It enables you to complete many more bids than you would by completing takeoffs through other means and saves you your valuable time and money. Starting a project seems so easy with it!

Start creating accurate construction takeoffs and estimates today